When it comes to designing a custom home, the possibilities are endless. So much so that a lot of clients approach custom homebuilders with a detailed vision of what they prefer while others require more assistance to help craft the vision for their new home. Here are some of the most important amenities you need to integrate in your custom home.

Keeping Room

In olden times, during the colonial era many families have a keeping room, which is essentially cozy living space. The area is normally situated near the kitchen for warmth as it serves a nice gathering place during cold nights. In modern times, the same can still be said about the room but with a fireplace added.

Radiant Floor Heating

Back in the day, a boiler or radiator was the typical source of heat. Hot water is sent through specialized tubing that is installed just below the flooring. While it sounds very luxurious, it is also highly efficient. They are known to help keep dust down and improve air quality.

Intelligent Home Access

In the modern home, one must be able to access each room in the house using a phone. Using the right technology that connects each room with one another allows you the ability to turn lights on or off or change the temperature from just about anywhere. It is a must have for any custom home.

Bath Suites that are Spa Quality

New homebuilders can make you spa quality bath suites for the ultimate pampering experience. Features such as natural lighting, waterfall showers or even open-air amenities can really recreate the spa experience in your home. This brings together both luxury and utility in one location. If you want a Zen like spa experience in your bathroom this is the way to go.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a highly renewable source as the plants grow quickly. Moreover, it features a really distinctive look and the finished product has many of the characteristics of hardwood. The unique patterning and light wood color can make bamboo the perfect choice in some areas of your home.