energy efficient home

The one thing that is asked from many new homebuilders by people looking to have a new home made is how to make that home more energy efficient. It is not surprising that a lot of new homeowners have drastically lowered energy bills without having to make inconvenient sacrifices such as turning the AC up to eighty degrees during the summer season. Here is how.


If your new home was not insulated on day 1 of construction, it can be difficult to add insulation now. Many older home models usually have deteriorating or poor insulation and some sections like the attic and garage do not have any insulation at all. This is the reason why custom homebuilders are proponents of installing insulation throughout all areas of the house.

Proper Landscaping

Direct sunlight can add heat to your home and to avoid that effect, trees can keep the light at bay during the hottest parts of the day. Many new homes are constructed keeping in mind the sun’s orientation combined with good landscaping to further lower cooling expenses.

Energy Saving Appliances

Appliances that are older than ten years tend to be more costly to maintain. It is practical to get appliances with Energy Star ratings built into them as these have very low monthly utility costs that usually will stat low for a number of years.

Better Windows

The average cost per window of an Energy Star rated product is $15 dollars and can improve your home’s capability to bloc harmful and hot UV rays from entering.

Avoiding Unnecessary Improvements

Doing unnecessary improvements such as purchasing a second refrigerator that can cost an additional $150 per year in energy costs. A good alternative is to ensure a streamlined layout that allows easy access to a single kitchen refrigerator as opposed to getting a second unit.

Good Craftsmanship

There is no doubt that craftsmanship plays a major role in helping prevent energy loss. If walls, attics, windows, doorways and roofs are constructed seamlessly minus any holes or gaps, it will be able to maintain heat or cool air you select to generate.