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Tips When Choosing Your Home Builder In Salt Lake City

See the home builder Salt Lake City in action

Buying or constructing a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. It is for this reason why you want the process to be as painless as possible with no headaches preferably. An investment this big means you are putting not just a lot of your hard earned money to someone but also you are placing your trust on the home builder to create the home of your dreams. If you want the process to go as smoothly as possible, here are some helpful tips on choosing your home builder Salt Lake City.

Make A List And Check It Twice

If you already have an idea of the house that you want, you need to create a list of potential home builders. Try contacting your local home builders association in order to get a list of reputable builders in your area. You can also check out the real estate section of your local paper to look for home projects and builders. Read the ads and browse through the articles to see the kinds of homes they build and the prices you can expect to pay. You can also ask some of your friends and relatives if they have someone to recommend. Do inquire about builders that they have dealt with firsthand. Also look for homebuilders that you need to avoid. You can call your local Better Business Bureau to know if there are complaints pending on a particular builder.

Ask Questions To The Home Builder in Salt Lake City

Once you have gotten your list, you need to setup an interview with a the home builder in Salt Lake City and ask them a series of questions. Find out everything you can about their work. Do not be afraid to ask them any question you might have. Questions like: Will the builder provide you with references of recent buyers and or occupants? Are there options in the floor plan for instance, can a basement or deck be added? How much customization can you do versus just standard features? Are there any additional fees related to the home or development? Can they leave a room unfinished such as a basement? Do they have a warranty for their work and their products? Does the price already involve landscaping? These are just some of the questions you may want to ask to your builder.

Visit The Home Builder in Salt Lake City

You may want to ask if it is ok for you to visit some homes that have been recently built by them. Drive by on your day off and introduce yourself to the owners and say to them that you are considering purchasing a home from the home builder in Salt Lake City that built theirs. Ask them if they are happy with the outcome of the construction and what if any issues came up during the construction process and how the builder addressed them. If you are shy about talking to people then simply drive by and see for yourself if the homes satisfy your standards. Make a note of what you have discovered along with your personal impressions so you can make comparisons later on.

Do Not Scrimp On Quality And Value

Check out new homes whenever you can. Home shows and open houses that are sponsored by builders will give you a lot of information. Model homes that are featured in these shows are already fully furnished and will give you ideas on how to use the space. You could also request the home builder in Salt Lake City if he can show you some unfurnished properties. When looking at these models, keep an eye out on the quality of the construction features. Check the quality of the cabinetry, Trim work, paint and carpeting. Check the plumbing as well as the electrical features.

Go With Your Gut

When choosing a home builder in Salt Lake City do not merely choose one that is good on paper. Get a feel for the builders’ demeanor. Is he easy to talk to? Is he always available? If you are not comfortable with a builder no matter how good they are on paper, walk away and find someone that you have the confidence with.

By |April 4th, 2019|

How To Make Your New Home Energy Efficient

energy efficient home

The one thing that is asked from many new homebuilders by people looking to have a new home made is how to make that home more energy efficient. It is not surprising that a lot of new homeowners have drastically lowered energy bills without having to make inconvenient sacrifices such as turning the AC up to eighty degrees during the summer season. Here is how.


If your new home was not insulated on day 1 of construction, it can be difficult to add insulation now. Many older home models usually have deteriorating or poor insulation and some sections like the attic and garage do not have any insulation at all. This is the reason why custom homebuilders are proponents of installing insulation throughout all areas of the house.

Proper Landscaping

Direct sunlight can add heat to your home and to avoid that effect, trees can keep the light at bay during the hottest parts of the day. Many new homes are constructed keeping in mind the sun’s orientation combined with good landscaping to further lower cooling expenses.

Energy Saving Appliances

Appliances that are older than ten years tend to be more costly to maintain. It is practical to get appliances with Energy Star ratings built into them as these have very low monthly utility costs that usually will stat low for a number of years.

Better Windows

The average cost per window of an Energy Star rated product is $15 dollars and can improve your home’s capability to bloc harmful and hot UV rays from entering.

Avoiding Unnecessary Improvements

Doing unnecessary improvements such as purchasing a second refrigerator that can cost an additional $150 per year in energy costs. A good alternative is to ensure a streamlined layout that allows easy access to a single kitchen refrigerator as opposed to getting a second unit.

Good Craftsmanship

There is no doubt that craftsmanship plays a major role in helping prevent energy loss. If walls, attics, windows, doorways and roofs are constructed seamlessly minus any holes or gaps, it will be able to maintain heat or cool air you select to generate.

By |March 31st, 2019|

The Important Amenities To Integrate In A Custom Home

When it comes to designing a custom home, the possibilities are endless. So much so that a lot of clients approach custom homebuilders with a detailed vision of what they prefer while others require more assistance to help craft the vision for their new home. Here are some of the most important amenities you need to integrate in your custom home.

Keeping Room

In olden times, during the colonial era many families have a keeping room, which is essentially cozy living space. The area is normally situated near the kitchen for warmth as it serves a nice gathering place during cold nights. In modern times, the same can still be said about the room but with a fireplace added.

Radiant Floor Heating

Back in the day, a boiler or radiator was the typical source of heat. Hot water is sent through specialized tubing that is installed just below the flooring. While it sounds very luxurious, it is also highly efficient. They are known to help keep dust down and improve air quality.

Intelligent Home Access

In the modern home, one must be able to access each room in the house using a phone. Using the right technology that connects each room with one another allows you the ability to turn lights on or off or change the temperature from just about anywhere. It is a must have for any custom home.

Bath Suites that are Spa Quality

New homebuilders can make you spa quality bath suites for the ultimate pampering experience. Features such as natural lighting, waterfall showers or even open-air amenities can really recreate the spa experience in your home. This brings together both luxury and utility in one location. If you want a Zen like spa experience in your bathroom this is the way to go.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a highly renewable source as the plants grow quickly. Moreover, it features a really distinctive look and the finished product has many of the characteristics of hardwood. The unique patterning and light wood color can make bamboo the perfect choice in some areas of your home.

By |March 30th, 2019|

Modern Bathroom Trends for your Custom Home

Most homeowners put a lot of emphasis on the kitchen, living room and bedroom and forget to add some love to the bathroom only to find out that they have to pay a lot of money to get it updated with the rest of the house. If you are thinking of constructing a new home, do not forget to integrate the latest modern bathroom trends to keep your home slick and stylish all throughout.

Mediterranean Design

Terracotta tiles for bathroom

What could be more stylish than a bathroom inspired from the old world? Take inspiration from ancient Portuguese, Moroccan and Spanish designs to transform a drab area into something that is a feast for the eyes. Talk to your new home builder about adding hand-painted terracotta with modern metallic, utilizing mosaic tiles as the accent for your shower or tub. You can also mix timeless arabesque designs with 70s retro shades. Select neutral tiles to achieve that classic Tuscan beauty or go for colorful tiles to give your bathroom that modern Mediterranean sparkle.

Brass Accents

Your custom home builder may also suggest brass accents for your bathroom. Brass fixtures when paired with marble and metal are absolutely stunning. You may want to consider finishing white or gray bathroom fixtures with brass accents and then place a splash of color in the room. A couple of coats of brass spray paint can easily update any existing bathroom.

Plant Features

Want to make your bathroom less sterile? Add some plants to bring some of the outdoors inside. This will make you feel like you are taking a bath in some beautiful island getaway. Plants are also quite good at keeping the air clean by pumping out fresh oxygen while filtering pollutants to ensure a good balance of humidity in the bath. Some good plants to consider are aloe, snake plants, bamboo, orchids and spider plants.

Design Considerations

To create the perfect bathroom design, a good layout is key. A few deliberate lines and curves make the bathroom less sterile looking as opposed to the standard rigid line approach. Go for a mixture of modern and classic and warm and minimalistic to create the truly perfect bathroom.

By |March 29th, 2019|

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