Building Your Home

A home is where your family is and where you make memories together. A house is a possession and carries no emotion. At Foundation Homes, we work with our customers to build them the home of their dreams, customized to their lifestyle where they can build memories with their family. We are here to join and guide you in the milestone and journey of building your dream home! The excitement begins with the hands-on activities such as floorplan selection, signing contracts and thoughtfully selecting all the interior and exterior elements that will make your home unique. To give you a better understanding on the parts that are behind-the-scenes and hands-on for us, here is what you can expect over the next few months.


Once all your selections are made, you may think construction is ready to begin. If you don’t see much activity on your future homesite, don’t fret! There is a lot of preparation work that is going on. We are working to secure building permits, finalize plans & schedules, distribute approved plans to subcontractors, and order materials. It may be several weeks before you notice any major activity. We promise, we are working diligently to ensure everything is in place so the construction process is smooth.

Stage 1: Foundation – This is when we prepare for forming, pouring and finishing your new home’s foundation. Prior to pouring, plumbing locations will be incorporated into your foundation. The foundation with walls can be very deceiving. There is no need to worry that your home will be too small!

Stage 2: Framing – Framing begins, walls, and roof trusses are started; windows and exterior doors are delivered. This will all happen so quickly, you may be amazed.

Stage 3: Roofing – This is the part where we “weatherproof” your new home. Installation of the roofing begins and the doors & windows are installed.

Stage 4: Drywall Prep – Plumbing, heating and air conditioning and electrical wiring are completed. Inspections are completed throughout the process to ensure building codes are followed.

(MORE STEPS… To Be Continued)